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Terms & Conditions

By accessing, visiting, and/or using this site,, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”), and any and all other policies that are contained on our website. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not access, visit or use  By shopping on our website, you acknowledge that you have read and have understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  

Description of Services

Acceptance of Terms of Use allows users to view and purchase and personalise our range of medical identification jewellery and related products (the “Products”). Before accessing, visiting, or using our website,, you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions contained herein. Each person that uses the website in any way:
  • must be sixteen (16) years of age or older; and
  • be fully able and competent to abide by these

  • Terms of Use

    Notwithstanding the previous sentence, the Website is not designed for individuals under the age of 16. Therefore, you hereby affirm that you are 16 years of age or older. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 16, DO NOT USE THE SERVICES AND/OR VISIT THE WEBSITE. Each use of the Services by you in any way constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use (including any posted guidelines, rules, policies, or codes of conduct), which may be revised by My Identity from time to time.

    User Accounts

    Users may be required to establish an account and log in to in order to purchase our Products. You acknowledge and agree that you will be responsible for each and every access or use of with your username and password, and that My Identity is authorised to accept such username and password as conclusive evidence that you wish to use the My Identity website, including and without limitation to purchase our Products. My Identity has no responsibility to monitor the use of your username and password and is not liable for any unauthorised access of your username and password.

    Website Content

    You agree that all content, material, including information, data, software, text, design elements, graphics, images and other content (collectively, “Content”), contained in or delivered via the website or otherwise made available by My Identity in connection with the website (collectively, “Website Content”) is protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets or other intellectual property and proprietary rights and laws.

    Privacy Policy

    Limited Authorisation to Use and Disclose Your Information.

    You hereby acknowledge that My Identity intends to and will from time to time collect, retain, and disclose information and data collected from you in accordance with My Identity’s Privacy Policy. You hereby consent, as a condition of your use of the website, to the collection, use and processing of your information as described in these terms and the Privacy Policy. While My Identity uses commercially reasonable efforts to safeguard your data transmitted while using the Services, My Identity does not warrant that the data will be transported without unauthorised interception or modification or that the data will not be accessed or compromised by unauthorised third parties.

    Terms of Sale for Products


    You agree that you will purchase our Products at the pricing published on the Website. All payments are transacted through third-party payment processors (“Payment Processors”). My Identity does not collect or store any payment information. All such information is collected and used by the Payment Processors in order to complete the transaction. You acknowledge that by completing a purchase on our website you are doing so via a third party payment provider and you will be bound by the applicable terms of use governing such service. You further agree that My Identity shall not have any liability with respect to payments made in connection with such third party payment providers.  


    For orders placed via our Website, payment may be captured up to 10 days before the order is shipped.

    Returns and Repairs

    Any requests for returns or repairs will be handled in accordance with our return and repair policy.  


    All of our medical identification items have a three (3) month limited warranty.  If an item breaks within this three (3) month period which begins from the date of purchase, we will repair it for free one time.  For any additional repairs, within this three (3) month period and for any repairs outside of the three (3) month warranty period, you will be charged a small fee.  

    The limited warranty is conditional upon your payment in full to us for all amounts due for each product. 

    My Identity makes no warranty or promise as the quality or free from defect of the website of any product of which we are selling.  

    Exclusions and Limitations

    • We do not provide a warranty against dents, scratches or fading of plating, as they are considered normal wear and tear. Further, we do not provide a warranty against theft, loss, or chemical exposure including perfume damage.
    • All leather medical IDs are not warrantied against water damage.
    • Caduceus medical symbol and paint/inlay - all caduceus medical symbols and any paint/color fill on our metal pieces are conditionally warrantied for 3 months. Exposure to harsh chemicals, intentional damage, and/or abnormal wear will void your warranty.


    Our website includes content and suggestions and examples of appropriate information to include on any medical identification item based on advice received from the St Johns Ambulance team.  We do not guarantee that any such suggested information will be fully sufficient to alert any third party as to your or another person's medical condition.  We further do not warrant that any item we sell will assist in a more timely medical response.  Please be aware that we will not guarantee that wearing our medical identification jewellery will be noticed by third parties including first responders and we need to disclaim to anybody using our products that we will not be held liable for any claim.  

    Limitation of liability

    My Identity and its owners, directors, ownership company, employees and affiliates will not be liable for any damages.  


    My Identity’s waiver of any condition, covenant, right or remedy under these terms and conditions will not be effective unless made in writing and any such written waiver shall not constitute a further waiver of the same or any other condition, covenant, right, or remedy.
    If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions please contact us by using the information provided on our Contact Us page - click here.

    Covid Vaccine Pass engraving

    Terms & Conditions


    We will keep your information private and safe and shred and delete any reference to your personal information.  

    Your Covid passport QR code is not changed from the original, it is printed as per Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) which allows the sharing (ie copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format) and adaptation of (ie remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially). 

    If you have any further questions - please see the Ministry of Health website -here.